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Know the Value of Your Commercial or Industrial Property?
Haldane Appraisals Can Tell You.

As a full-service appraisal and consulting firm in Red Deer, Alberta, that has over 40 years of experience providing fast, accurate, unbiased, and reliable appraisal reports, our team is well-qualified to offer commercial property appraisal services when you need them.

There are many reasons why you require a full commercial or industrial property appraisal:


No matter the reason why you need a professional commercial appraisal, Haldane Appraisals has the experience to provide you with the full, detailed report you need for any given circumstance.

And we appraise all types of commercial and industrial properties, including:

Our experience with commercial property appraisals allows us to make it a smooth process for you from start to finish. And we will complete your appraisal report as soon as possible with a trusted and friendly team of professionals who are always ready to answer any questions you may have along the way.

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The Commercial Appraisal Process

How your commercial or industrial appraisal is handled will always depend on certain factors that can make the process vary slightly from other appraisals, like the type of business we’re dealing with. Performing a commercial appraisal is much different from a residential appraisal that many homeowners have gone through before. The scope of the work is much more detailed and requires a certain level of precision.

That’s why commercial appraisals can take a little time to complete. They often include an in-depth analysis of current and potential streams of revenue, possible expenses, market lease rate determinations, and income capitalization. But in the end, we are here to help provide the most thorough report possible so that you have all the necessary information to make any informed decisions necessary about your business. 

This is what makes a commercial appraisal unique in every case and it’s why the Haldane Appraisals team is ready to help you.

Contact Haldane Appraisals today for a consultation and start your commercial appraisal with confidence knowing that your business and its assets are properly documented to provide clarity toward the right decision. There is no obligation and we will answer your questions to get you on the right track.